Google Display Network Remarketing (advanced)

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About This Training

In this advanced training we will walking you through setting up and deploying a Google Display Network campaign – what this will do is make it so visitors who bounce off of your website and/or landing pages get retargeted and hit will follow up ads automatically in the days immediately after they leave your site.

Remarketing uses the Marketing Rule of 7, a proven concept in marketing.

What is the marketing rule of 7?

The rule of seven quite simply states that it takes an average of seven interactions with your brand before a purchase will take place. And that each successive interaction increases the prospects likelihood to sign-up considerably.

This makes sense. How many of us would buy a highly priced item from an unfamiliar brand? It’s likely we would do some research and gain a certain level of familiarity before we go ahead and commit. By that time we should have the confidence to know the value is fair, the quality is good enough and anything else that may get in the way of making a decision.

What defines an interaction?

An interaction is literally any mention of your brand, either positive or negative.

This training shows you how to build the best remarketing campaign available in todays modern age. This is how you keep your gym and brand in front of everyone.

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